Fermentation suits the culture of the Pacific Northwest


Beer, wine, bread, and cheese. These are signature products of the Pacific Northwest, and signature areas of research, Extension, and teaching at OSU. Fermentation adds value to many of Oregon’s crops. For example, artisan cheese increases the value of a gallon of milk 10-fold; high-quality wine increases the value of Pinot noir grapes up to eight times; and craft beer increases the value of hops and barley as much as 30 times. In addition, distillation adds significant value to fruits and grains.

In 2013, the Oregon legislature provided $1.2 million to expand fermentation sciences at OSU by adding distillation sciences to the brew. OSU is the first university in the nation with a working research winery, brewery, and distillery, keeping pace with Oregon’s rapidly diversifying fermentation industries.

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Lynn Ketchum
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Fermentation Sciences Professor Tom Shellhammer in the OSU pilot plant brew house. (Photo by Lynn Ketchum.)