An entomologist becomes dog’s best friend


Because of Robert Goulding, 60 million dogs and cats are free from fleas and ticks. Goulding, an OSU entomologist, studied time-release pesticides that eventually led to the introduction of the flea collar in 1964.

Working at first with cattle, Goulding developed time-release, resin-based pesticides that could be mounted on posts where cattle could rub, giving themselves a dose of insecticide. His work led to the pet flea collar and other products that release chemicals at a fixed rate, as well as safe methods to dispose of pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

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Robert Goulding and dog
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Courtesy OSU Special Collections & Archives
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OSU entomologist Robert Goulding shows the plastic flea collar he invented, 1971. (Photo courtesy OSU Special Collections & Archives.)