Stories by Peg Herring

Innovative growers are re-using industry’s water in the Umatilla Basin.
Uniting the Umatilla thumbnail image
Twenty years of negotiations among tribes and irrigators have created a plan to sustain both salmon and crops, and OSU researchers and graduates help make it happen.
Researchers are developing new genetic tools to sort out salmon in the ocean and help fishermen target healthy stocks and avoid endangered ones.
Flooded grass fields offer refuge to fish and wildlife more associated with streams than fields.
The Once & Future River thumbnail image
A consortium of scientists helps residents in Oregon’s most populated region plot their shared future.
Welcome to Surimi School thumbnail image
It's an international buffet of new seafood-based delicacies made from fish that no one else wanted.
Food and Family thumbnail image
OSU Department of Animal Sciences celebrates 100 years of science as it explores our changing relationship with animals.
Pollution’s Long Commute thumbnail image
New study reveals contamination in the world’s most remote places.
Growing Beyond Petroleum thumbnail image
Researchers explore plant-based alternatives to petroleum products such as rubber, plastics, and cosmetics.