Stories by Peg Herring

Cherries thumbnail image
Oregon sweet cherries make their mark on the world.
Oregon Pears thumbnail image
Fighting pests with basic instincts
Pacific Albacore Tuna thumbnail image
Home to Oregon's seafood entrepreneurs
Rainbow Greens thumbnail image
Move over iceberg. Salad has transformed from a pale, watery wedge to a medley of sunny colors and flavors.
Fresh Oysters thumbnail image
Good breeding is at the heart of the West Coast oyster industry.
Northwest Microbrew thumbnail image
Defining a new vocabulary for craft brews
Barley thumbnail image
Cracking the genetic code for barley has opened up a world of possibilities for the world’s oldest grain.
Good for the Bird, Good for the Herd thumbnail image
A ranching community works together toward rangeland conservation.
Q. How can kids learn where food comes from? thumbnail image
A. Teach the teachers (in the Summer Ag Institute).
Keys to the Kingdom thumbnail image
Genomic research of fungi reveals the secrets behind penicillin and pale ale