A Pacific Northwest Dining Experience

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A menu of Oregon quality foods and beverages


Artisan Cheese | Value: market price

OSU Extension helped the artisan cheese industry increase tenfold over a span of 14 years.

Dried Cherries | Value: $79.2 M

OSU research on extending the shelf life of cherries is helping Oregon growers meet international demand.

Hazelnuts | Value: $118.8 M

AgSci research helped save the industry when blight threatened. Now Oregon is the #3 producer in the world.

Roasted Garlic | Value: $1 M

Central Oregon grows the cloves that serve as seeds for commercial growers in California, Nevada, and other states.


Wheat | Value: $185.9 M

Most of the wheat varieties grown in the Pacific Northwest were developed by OSU breeders.

Barley | Value: $5.7 M

OSU breeders are working on improved malting barley for beer and nutritious dietary barley for baking.


Rainbow Greens and Lettuce

OSU vegetable breeders bring new life to salads with their multicolored and flavorful new varieties of leafy greens.


OSU developed a cultured strain of this translucent red seaweed superfood. Try it fried for a taste of bacon.


Oysters | Value: $3.6 M

OSU researchers have helped oyster growers combat effects of ocean acidification.

Surimi | Value: market price

AgSci research has defined the science for processing this Japanese seafood delicacy.

Onion Blossom | Value: $125.2 M

Big “Spanish Sweets” are grown in Malheur using improved irrigation that helps the onions and the environment.

Potato Wedges | Value: $187 M

In addition to classic russets, OSU breeders have developed colorful specialty potatoes with increased antioxidants.


Indigo Tomatoes

Purple hues on the outside, powerful antioxidants on the inside. OSU has a whole line of indigo-tinted tomatoes.

Mild Habanero

Sweet without the heat. OSU is developing this cool pepper to thrive in Pacific Northwest summers.

Winter Squash

OSU is testing yield and flavor of kabocha, buttercup, and other types grown with conventional and dryland methods.


OSU continues to investigate the amazing cancer-fighting properties present in broccoli.

Green Beans

OSU’s green bean breeding program strives for high-quality, high-yield, disease-resistant bush Blue Lake green beans.


Central Oregon is the top provider of carrot seed in the U.S., thanks to an ideal climate and careful zoning to ensure purity.


Beef | Value: $701.1 M

AgSci research and Extension are helping Eastern Oregon ranchers restore rangeland habitats for cattle and wildlife.

Dungeness Crab | Value: $55.7 M

Catching crabs can be hazardous, but OSU Sea Grant is working with fishermen to understand and prevent injuries.

Albacore Tuna | Value: $12.5 M

OSU finds that tuna caught off the West Coast contain lower mercury levels than the commercially canned varieties.

Wild Salmon | Value: $8.2 M

OSU partners with state, federal, and tribal groups to preserve and sustain this iconic Northwestern fish.

Rockfish | Value: $35.9 M

OSU is developing fishery management practices to check the decline of West Coast rockfish populations.


Berry Ice Cream

Blackberry, blueberry, strawberry | Value: $26 M / $104 M / $9 M

Ranked nationally, Oregon’s production of these berries comes in at numbers 1, 2, and 3, respectively. OSU researchers help growers meet the high demand.

Milk | Value: $469.3 M

Cream from flaxseed-fed cows has less saturated fat and more omega-3, according to OSU research.

Pear Custard Tart

Pears | Value: $181.5 M

Protecting pears, the state fruit, requires complex integrated pest management developed at OSU’s Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center.

Eggs | Value: $42.4 M

Custard uses eggs enriched with conjugated linoleic acid, a heart-healthy component of fat to have in your diet.


Wine | Value: $143.3 M

In 1984, OSU brought the first Pinot noir and Chardonnay grape clones to Oregon from France.

Microbrew | Value: $34.5 M

OSU fermentation science provides career-ready graduates for 800 breweries across the state.

Spirits | Value: market price

New AgSci research explores feasibility of gin made with Oregon juniper berries.

Watermelon-Mint Cooler

Watermelon | Value: $27.7 M

Watermelon is one of the prominent crops from Hermiston, now a major producer of high-value crops thanks to OSU researchers at the Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center.

Mint | Value: $35.4 M

OSU research on disease-resistance helps Oregon lead the U.S. in production of mint, especially peppermint.


Data sources: Oregon Agriculture Facts and Figures (August 2017) and others

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