Oregon’s Wine Industry by the Numbers

Oregon’s Wine Industry by the Numbers
Source: Oregon Wine Board

For the past two years, according to the Oregon Wine Board, Oregon wines garnered one-fifth of the national “90-plus” ratings from Wine Spectator magazine. Pretty great for a little state that produces only 1 percent of the nation’s wine. And another great illustration of how little things can have a big impact.

Number of Oregon wineries

In 2000 139
In 2015 702

Number of Oregon vineyards

In 2000 480
In 2015 1,052

Location of Oregon’s vineyards

North Willamette Valley 57.6%
South Willamette Valley 10%
Umpqua Valley 6.6%
Rogue Valley 15.5%
Columbia Gorge/

northeastern Oregon

Oregon’s top grape varieties

Pinot noir 62.3%
Pinot gris 12.9%
Chardonnay 5.6%
Riesling 2.6%
Syrah 2.2%
All others 14.4%

Oregon wines made from estate-grown fruit = 52%

Oregon vineyards certified sustainable = 47%

Retail volume growth from 2015 to 2016

Oregon wine 13.5%
Washington wine 3.1%
California wine 2%

Average bottle price (750ml)

Oregon wine $16.07
Washington wine $9.76
California wine $6.68

Economic impact

Number of wine-related jobs in Oregon 17,100
Wages paid in wine-related jobs $527 million
Wine-related tourism revenue $208 million
Charitable donations made by

Oregon wine businesses
$11 million
Statewide economic impact of the

Oregon wine industry
$3.35 billion
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