Stories by Gail Wells

Canola in the Valley thumbnail image
Science sheds light on a heated topic.
Sudden Impact thumbnail image
Rapid response from OSU scientists has helped to contain the spread of sudden oak death in Oregon.
(Here's Why You Should) Eat Your Vegetables thumbnail image
OSU researchers are exploring cancer-fighting compounds in vegetable varieties.
The Universe Beneath Our Feet thumbnail image
OSU's microbial observatory allows scientists to glimpse the microscopic menagerie that connects forests and soil.
Oregon Organic thumbnail image
OSU helps Oregon growers in agriculture's fastest growing sector.
High Desert Dominator thumbnail image
Western juniper covers 10 times more land than it did in the 1880s, and that has ranchers and ecologists concerned.
Why OSU Extension urges you to “find friends in high places.”
Water, Water Everywhere? thumbnail image
Coastal communities are running short of water, where and when it’s needed the most.
Growing Research from Seed Money thumbnail image
The Agricultural Research Foundation sows new fields of discovery.