Stories by Carol Savonen

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Fowl Bedding thumbnail image
Oregon's broiler producers are happy to use another industry's byproduct.
Slug Wars thumbnail image
Some gastropods do more harm to crops than we realized, an OSU scientist is finding.
A Fish Mystery thumbnail image
One day over the December break, in a deserted lab, a fish answered a question Jerri Bartholomew had asked for 16 years.
Thar She Grows thumbnail image
A new crop is giving a nautical look to some Willamette Valley fields.
Job Shadows thumbnail image
OSU fisheries and wildlife student interns experience real-world jobs in research, education and wildlife management.
Sheer Numbers thumbnail image
The ocean is seething with microbes. OSU scientists are studying how they influence life on earth
New Potatoes thumbnail image
See what happens when the deck gets shuffled in potato genetics.
Finding Their Niche thumbnail image
With the help of OSU researchers, Oregon growers are finding new markets for specialty products.