Stories related to ecosystems

Good Earth thumbnail image
OSU and farmers are collaborating on sustainability research.
A River Runs Through It thumbnail image
Scientists and stakeholders are looking at possible futures for Oregon's most populated basin.
Voyage of the Beagle thumbnail image
Whale tracking has come a long way: clear up to satellites orbiting the earth.
The Lahontan's Lifeblood thumbnail image
An OSU fisheries graduate student is conducting a pioneering study of how beavers impact a desert stream.
pH I Love You thumbnail image
Having the correct soil acidity or alkalinity is the key to growing good crops on farms or in home gardens.
Job Shadows thumbnail image
OSU fisheries and wildlife student interns experience real-world jobs in research, education and wildlife management.
Terns of Endearment thumbnail image
Research on the lives of fish-eating seabirds may deepen our understanding of the natural system that includes endangered salmon and steelhead.
The Salmon Connection thumbnail image
Farmers, fishermen and researchers on opposite sides of the state have joined forces to understand how to sustain wild salmon.
Bald Eagle Renaissance thumbnail image
For twenty-five years, OSU researchers have documented the return of bald eagles to Oregon.
Sudden Impact thumbnail image
Rapid response from OSU scientists has helped to contain the spread of sudden oak death in Oregon.