Welcoming our newest team members

Last March, Dr. Staci Simonich was appointed Dean and Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station. While new to the role of dean, she joined OSU more than 20 years ago and has been in the College that entire time. She holds a PhD in Chemistry from Indiana University and worked at Proctor & Gamble before coming to Oregon State where she has held numerous leadership positions, now as the first woman to serve as dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences.

One of her goals as dean has been to advance the diversity of both students and faculty and this past fall she welcomed nearly 60 new faculty from across the country and around the world. In an ever evolving need to meet the challenges of some of the most pressing problems facing our state, nation and world, bringing diverse perspectives to the table is increasingly critical. All the more so as well-established and respected scientists and extension experts start to look at retirement. With more than 3,300 students and 900+ faculty across the state, the College of Agricultural Sciences is constantly seeking new ways to advance scientific discovery and create new opportunities for the next generation of leaders, as it embraces differences to find common ground that makes tomorrow better for everyone.

Dean Staci Simonich and the Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, Yanyun Zhao and the Associate Dean of Academic Programs, Ricardo Mata Gonzalez, led a new faculty orientation last fall to welcome the most recent additions to the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Baluch, Stephen D. - Assistant Professor (Sr Res) - Crop and Soil Science
Bartlet, Bjarne - Postdoc - Food Science and Technology
Bigelow, Daniel - Assistant Professor - Applied Economics
Boerman, Selby L. - Dir of Livestock Operations - Animal & Rangeland Sciences
Broccolo, Paul - Academic Advisor - Microbiology
Brown, Kim A. - Program Manager - Environ & Molec Toxicology
Cerrato, Darrell (Cole) - Assistant Professor (Sr Res) - Food Science and Technology
Chisholm Hatfield, Samantha - Assistant Professor (Sr Res) - Fisheries and Wildlife
Clark, Quincy - Assistant Professor - Education Administration
Delbridge, Timothy - Assistant Professor - Applied Economics
Ferreira, Matheus - Laboratory Animal Technician 2 - EOARC - Burns
Hinojoza-Rood, Valerie D. - Faculty Research Assistant - Fisheries and Wildlife
Jadot, Cherie K. - Office Specialist 2 - Southern Oregon Exp Station
Jones-Briggs, Vickie L. - Ship's Cook - Marine Mammal Institute
Knutson, Ivory R. - Faculty Research Assistant - Horticulture
Larson, David E. - Laboratory Assistant - Columbia Basin Exp Station
Li, Chengqian - Analyst Programmer - Applied Economics
Litwin, Justin A. - Woodhall Vineyard Manager - Corvallis Farm Unit
Lopez, Ryan M. - Faculty Research Assistant - Environ & Molec Toxicology
Lukas, Scott - Associate Professor - North Willamette Exp Station
Mickley, James - Assistant Professor (Practice) - Ag Botany and Plant Pathology
Mohamed, Hussein - Research Associate - Food Science and Technology
Orion, Tao - Instructor - Horticulture
Park, Kyoo Rok - Research Associate - Horticulture
Pizzolatto, Teri - Office Specialist 2 - Horticulture Extension
Price, William - Assistant Professor (Practice) - Animal & Rangeland Sciences
Rezende dos Santos, Aline - Laboratory Animal Technician 2 - EOARC - Burns
Rivero, Benjamin G. - Administrative Program Assist - Crop and Soil Science
Sasidharan, Salini - Assistant Professor - Biol & Ecol Engineering
Singh, Surendra - Assistant Professor (Practice) - Columbia Basin Exp Station
Stewart, Joshua - Assistant Professor - Marine Mammal Institute
Stone, Whitney - Assistant Professor - General Agriculture
Taphouse, David J. - Trades/Maintenance Worker 2 - Animal & Rangeland Sciences
Verhoeven, Elizabeth C. - Instructor - Crop and Soil Science
Ward, Adam S. - Department Head - Biol & Ecol Engineering
Waterman, Cassandra - Instructor - General Agriculture
Webber, John B. - Faculty Research Assistant - Horticulture
Willette, Alison R. - Faculty Research Assistant - Crop and Soil Science
Zarling, David V. - NMPAN Program Manager - Crop and Soil Sci Extension
Huber, Denice - Office Manager - Statistics
Trickle, Danielle - Administrative Program Assist - Statistics
Howard, Erin - Instructor - Statistics
Schafer, Casey - Instructor - Statistics
Schmidt, Andres - Assistant Professor (Sr Res) - Fisheries and Wildlife
Couch, Claire - Instructor - Fisheries and Wildlife
Hernandez, Keith - Postdoctoral Scholar - Marine Mammal Institute
Teixeira, Clarissa R. - Postdoctoral Scholar - Marine Mammal Institute
Berry, Pete - Assistant Professor - Crop and Soil Science
Smith, Jackson - Faculty Research Assistant - Crop and Soil Science
Flick, Gabe - Instructor - Crop and Soil Science
Di Silva, Darren - Faculty Research Assistant - COMES - Newport
Ragno, Jillian - Faculty Research Assistant - COMES - Newport

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