Winter 2011

Winter 2011 Stories
Editor's Note thumbnail image

Editor's Note

Thoughts from editor Peg Herring

Hatching Dreams for a Better Life thumbnail image

Hatching Dreams for a Better Life

An international program works to improve lives and livelihoods with aquaculture.

A Tern for the Better thumbnail image

A Tern for the Better

For the sake of fish and birds, Caspian terns are getting new digs across Oregon.

Wading into the Depths of Ocean Policy thumbnail image

Wading into the Depths of Ocean Policy

Conservation biology guides management of ocean fisheries.

Connecting the Dots thumbnail image

Connecting the Dots

Tiny samples of living tissue reveal the genetics of salmon recovery.

Wet Pet Vet thumbnail image

Wet Pet Vet

OSU aquatic veterinarian is the good doctor for fish in captivity.

Invading Species thumbnail image

Invading Species

What lurks in eastern Oregon waterways?

Night at the Museum thumbnail image

Night at the Museum

A visit to OSU’s Ichthyology Collection is comprehensive (and a bit creepy).

Zebrafish: a Living Window thumbnail image

Zebrafish: a Living Window

Tiny see-through fish offer a model for understanding human health.

Fish for Supper thumbnail image

Fish for Supper

OSU research helps keep seafood safe and sustainable.

Jerri Bartholomew thumbnail image

Jerri Bartholomew

Jerri Bartholomew fuses art and science.