Editor's Note

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Thoughts from editor Peg Herring

The life of food begins as a seed in soil and ends as nourishment on our plates. In between, there’s a big story.

In this issue of Oregon’s Agricultural Progress, we look at where food begins, in soil and seeds. We meet the scientists who find their passion in studying the soil beneath our feet. We celebrate 100 years of seed research that has made Oregon seed certifiably among the best in the world.

And we witness the moment when food arrives on our taste buds, observed by scientists who can tell us what we like to eat—and why.

Food is a big story. It is a big industry in the state and an essential (and delightful) part of life in Oregon. These stories of seeds, soil, and savor preview a larger exploration of Food in Oregon that we will continue in our next issue.

We also head east, to the Zumwalt Prairie, where cattle and conservation work together; and to the John Day River, where tools designed for space exploration take the pulse of earthbound watersheds.

In many ways and in many places, agricultural research makes life better in Oregon.