Stories related to health

Somewhere Inside the Rainbow thumbnail image
Fish are telling OSU scientists about foods that promote and inhibit cancer, and about other health-related topics.
Clipper and Doc thumbnail image
Researchers in OSU's veterinary college say EPM is Oregon's worst horse disease.
Wonderwall thumbnail image
Agricultural Experiment Station researchers are using a protein called nisin to build germ-proof barriers.
Primary Colors thumbnail image
A team of OSU researchers is studying fruit pigments to find out how they help make us healthier
Cancer and Chlorophyllin thumbnail image
Studies at OSU and in China have confirmed that the compound blocks a toxin that promotes liver cancer in the developing world.
Cell Wars thumbnail image
OSU scientists examine a world of molecular missiles and cellular smart bombs to learn how viruses invade plants and how plants fight back.
A Pox Upon Our House thumbnail image
An OSU scientist helps battle the modern threat of an ancient terror.
Small Wonder thumbnail image
Making nanoproducts safe in a biological world.